Life and Tetris

There are so many changes and variables in life that are constantly coming at us. We sometimes ask why? I’ve learned that’s a pointless question to ask. I’ve also learned that I do have some amount of control over where some of these pieces fall into place, kind of like Tetris.

As the pieces come at me I can try to choose where they go. Just like the game, sometimes I made good choices and they fit. Other times, well, we’ll call it learning. Yet even in the moments where the pieces don’t fit exactly how you’d like, you can arrange the other pieces around it to make the most of the situation. That’s life!

We can try to take control of our lives as much as possible but there are times we just need to make the most of a situation. Instead of playing the victim, take control of the other variables and become the victor. When we do that, we master the game. I’m no where near there yet but life is a game I’m learning to have fun with again.

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