The Phoenix

Tragedy will happen to all of us in some form during our life. It can break us, weaken us, and sometimes destroy us. I can’t tell you to not let tragedy negatively affect you. We will each deal with tragedy in our own way. Many people have asked me how I am able to get through what many have described as a catastrophic loss with poise and grace.

I sincerely thank you for feeling that I am still maintaining poise and grace. Some days it feels like I able barely staying above water. There is no secret really. It is the belief that something wonderful is about to happen. I have to always hold on to that thought. If I feel that everything good is gone, what is the point of life?

Each day is a new beginning. Each moment brings a new possibility. Each person that comes into our life is there for some reason. Why not make it a good reason? Why not believe that behind every turn of life is the possibility of something wonderful? The phoenix can rise from ashes and so can we.

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