There are many pivotal points in the journey to live again. The first night you sleep through the whole night. The first time you go out in public with friends. The first time you truly laugh. The first time you learn how to breathe again. I have now accomplished all of these.

I walked down the steps after an interview and could feel the weight of grief being slowly lifted off of my shoulders. My posture became taller. I smiled, like really smiled, and was happy. Not happy for just a moment, but happy for much of the day. I started to notice things beyond my snow globe. Each breath I took was easier.

In that moment the future seemed possible again. Will this feeling last? Who is to say? Knowing it was there meant that part of me isn’t dead. There is something that sparked a rebirth of positive energy making me ready for whatever the universe and God brings on. Being able to just breathe again though, that was a gift.

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