A hug is such a powerful thing. They beauty of hugs is that no words are said and yet the hug itself says so much. I loved watching “Mad About You” back in the day. The uncle on the show used always say, “Firm Embrace!” and proceed to give the biggest hugs ever! I always ended up yelling, “Firm Embrace!” and running up to Mark or the kids and wrap my arms around them so tight. They quickly learned to hug right back, or else. This is how much I love hugs!

An amazing friend of mine sent me the above picture with the phrase, “One day someone is going to HUG YOU so tight that all of your broken pieces will stick back together.” I looked at that and smiled and realized for the first time I actually smiled instead of cry at the thought of something so sentimental. A move forward.

That phrase showed the power of a hug. The power of feeling safe in someone’s arms. The power of being able to be put back together again. I guess I’m kind of like Humpty Dumpty. Yes, I fell off that dang wall but someday just maybe I’ll be put back together.

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