I simply miss you

Tonight is one of those nights when the waves roll in. Going about my business of just cleaning up the living room. I lay down on the floor for just a second to stretch and it hits me. Smack in the eyes, hit me. Those damn tears start leaking out of no where.

I look up and see your face. Except not the way I used to. I used to be able to see your face and reach out for your hand. Not now. Not anymore. Now I look up and see your big, beautiful, smiling face up on the bookshelf near your urn and hydroflask. That handsome face is looking down at me. That handsome face that I’ve memorized every detail on over the years. The face I see in the smiles of our daughters or the twinkle in the eye of our son. 

My love, I simply miss you. If anyone were to ask me when, I’d reply, “Only when I’m breathing.”

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