Fridays have been hard, no joke. Many people can’t wait for Friday to come because it means the weekend is beginning. Friday took on a very real beginning for our family 3 1/2 months ago when Mark passed away. It then seemed like every Friday after that would be a situation where another harsh reality would occur. From my first birthday the week after his passing, to going to appointments for paperwork regarding his death, to his service itself, they were all on Fridays.

I came to hate Fridays. I stopped looking forward to them and always tried to just get through them. I have cried everyday since that fateful first Friday. Every. Single. Damn. Day. Especially on Fridays. Until this Friday.

January 5th is not only the first Friday of the new year, it’s the first Friday I have gone for over 24 hours with no tears. It’s like a ray of hope that this year will be a year of making Friday something to look forward to again. I’m not even sure what made this day so awesome but I’m grateful. I’m grateful for the smiles, the laughs, the family and friends that made Friday tear free.

I jogged through the park and let my mind wander to all the positivity in life. After the jog, I sat on the shore and listened to the ocean. Each wave that came in took a little of the sadness with it as it went back out into the vast ocean. The next wave would bring a peace that would resonate within my heart and mind. That moment on the shore was a perfect way to celebrate Friday, to celebrate love, to celebrate memories, to celebrate hope. 

6 thoughts on “Friday

  1. This is absolutely a beautiful, poignant reflection of your heart. Thank you for sharing such a personal journey of your pain and path of healing. You will provide a light of hope and touch many others with your voice. XO


  2. You are an amazing woman Sarah! God has made you strong to survive life through these times. Such an inspiration with a beautiful smile. Love you girl!


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