This New Year started off very different. There was an emptiness last night that just couldn’t be filled. No first kiss of the New Year, no hug. I woke up this morning next to an empty pillow. I woke up to a new year with a date he’d never get to write. I also woke up with a new perspective.

Now I’m not saying it will always be so cheery but today I found that ray of light. That ray of love and hope. Since I couldn’t start off my day and year with him physically here, I went for a run. I knew I’d feel his love surround me and the breeze letting me know I’m still alive. As I rounded mile two, a little Marley was playing on my phone. The words to “Is This Love” came though my earphones and I looked up to the sky. I saw the clouds and what looked to be two hearts.

Not everyone may see those hearts, but I did. It was clear to me that this year will have to be about perspective. I can choose to just see a year without him or I can choose to see that he is forever with me and a part of me. That these moments and these signs let me know he’s never far away. That love will always be there. Even though this is a year of new beginnings, there is a lifetime of love that has shaped me into the woman I am today. I know I will go through more dark times, more rough patches, more grief. I will keep these hearts near me to remind me of love as I go through this year, to help me gain perspective. Happy and Blessed New Year everyone and thank you for being a part of this journey.

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