Tonight is another night. Another night I don’t have your arms wrapped around me tight. Another night my head is not on your chest listening to your heartbeat. Another night I don’t coax you to slow dance with me in the living room after the kids go to bed. Tonight is another night I wonder why I even try to wear mascara because Lord knows when that Oprah “ugly cry” is going to erupt like it is right now.

Tonight I wonder what the tomorrows will bring. It is hard to even think of them when the thought of tonight seems too immense to handle. Then I hear your voice in my head saying, “Babe, we got this!”  I cry even harder because I know that I have to get through this crazy journey beyond tonight and into all those tomorrows.

Tonight, through the tears, through the heartache, and through the flood of thoughts racing through my mind, I find a strength. The strength to get through tonight. Tomorrow is a new day, but for now there is tonight.

One thought on “Tonight

  1. Thank you sarah, tears roll down my cheeks with yours as I read this. I’m so proud you are my friend. I learn from you and candor and strength. Your children are blessed beyond measure to have you as their mother. Your husbands legacy of love shines through them and is reflected in you. I love reading your heartfelt messages. Thank you for this. You are helping so many people that you don’t even know through your cathartic words. I wish I could articulate my respect and admiration for you. Love you!


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